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Purbeck Dorset
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Dr Karin Mew

“Dead Interesting”


Paul Morton

"What is going on at Arne RSPB?"​


Robin Miller



[No Meeting]

Meetings in 2011
Meetings in 2012



Subject of Presentation

26 January

Dave & Di Cook

"Play Five"

23 February

John Challis

EnduroAfrica 2011

22 March

Dr Chris Spilling

Evolution and the Galapagos

26 April

David Haysom

Swanage Weather

24 May

Alan York

Nelson’s Women

28 June

Jacqueline Sims

World Health Organisation

26 July

[No Meeting]

23 August

[No Meeting]

27 September

Donald Melvin

Dorset Buildings, Ancient & Modern

25 October

Ros Kayes

Discussion-in-the-Round: Psychology in Life

22 November

Nick Thomas

The Power of Humour in Everyday Life

27 December

[No Meeting]

Meetings in 2013



Subject of Presentation

24 January

Dr Howard & Sylvia Oliver

A Tale of Peter Rabbit, Moths & Mushrooms

28 February

Radley Gotch

Her Majesty's Customs and Excise

28 March

Jean Gibbs

Antiques Hallshow

25 April

Angela Bell

Hardy’s Wessex Locations

23 May

Treleven Haysom

Purbeck Stone in the New World

27 June

Various Speakers

Any Questions?

25 July

[No Meeting]

22 August

[No Meeting]

26 September

Development Team

Kimmeridge Fossil Museum

24 October

Charles Miller

Hydraulic Fracturing (“Fracking”)

28 November

Royal Navy


26 December

[No Meeting]



Subject of Presentation

23 January

Paul Morton

Birds of Poole Harbour

27 February

John England & Bob Dukes

The Royal Naval Cordite Factory, Holton Heath

27 March

John Barclay

Poetry as a Sound Medium

24 April

Aubone Pyke

The Cold War. The Naval Attache's work.

22 May

[No Meeting]

26 June

Yvonne Varley

The Spy from Tisbury

24 July

[No Meeting]

28 August

[No Meeting]

25 September

Colin van Geffen

The Red Arrows: Selection & Training of pilots for formation and display flying.

23 October

Julian Sawyer

Purbeck Footprints - Nature & Photography

27 November

Dr Alan Chitty

Magic - Ancient & Modern

25 December

[No Meeting]

Meetings in 2014



Subject of Presentation

22 January

Bill Moore

The Mary Rose

26 February

David Grierson

My Life in China

26 March

Briony Baxter

The Wild Purbeck Nature Improvement Area

23 April

Lt Col Ken Davies

The Army in Dorset  (with Charlie the dog)

28 May

Mike Crankshaw

My Life on the Royal Yacht Britannia

25 June

Bill Coombes

The International Space Station

23 July

[No Meeting]

27 August

[No Meeting]

24 September

Kevin Patience

The True Story of “The African Queen”

22 October

Clare Randall

Norden Ball Clay - Purbeck Clay Industry

26 November

Hazel Hartle

Purbeck Ice Cream - Its History up to Today

24 December

[No Meeting]

Meetings in 2015



Subject of Presentation

28 January

Julian Sawyer

Iceland - An Unfinished Story

25 February

Heather Lowe

You be the Judge: Poole Probation Service

24 March

Howard Nichols

The Longest Journey

28 April

David Knott

Beautiful Bali - The Island of the Gods

26 May

Peter Down

Dorset County Museum, past, present, and future

23 June

Stewart Timbrell

Discovering Dorset - A humourous insight

28 July

[No Meeting]

25 August

[No Meeting]

22 September

Ian Willis

My Secret Garden in Wimborne

20 October

Gordon le Pard

The Swash Channel Wreck   NB: 3rd Thursday

24 November

Dale Johnson

The Real Dad’s Army - Home Guard

22 December

[No Meeting]

Meetings in 2016



Subject of Presentation

26 January

Lynne Burningham

History of the RSPB and winter wildlife care

23 February

Dave Wheeler

Abbotsbury Swannery

23 March

John Hale

BBC Radio & TV Programme Making Experiences

27 April

Gordon Bartlet

Music in every home - How it all began

25 May

Pam White - NT

Of Bones & Blankets - Corfe Castle Conservation

22 June

John Eastwood

Brownsea Island - Past and Present

27 July

[No Meeting]

24 August

[No Meeting]

28 September

Kay Townsend

My Life on the Fairground

26 October

Dean Allen

Empire, War & Cricket in South Africa

23 November

Phil Judkins

Purbeck Radar at Worth: Echoes of the Past

28 December

[No Meeting]

Meetings in 2017
Meetings in 2018



Subject of Presentation

25 January

Jon Bass

Work at the East Stoke River Laboratory

22 February

Tim Battcock


22 March

Stuart Rhys-Williams

The Ice Walk: Polar Expedition in 2007

26 April

Philip Browne

The Unfortunate Captain Peirce and the Wreck of the Halsewell, East Indiaman

24 May

Jennie Spiers

Art Appreciation: An introduction

28 June

Brian Freeland

The view from the wings

26 July

[No Meeting]

23 August

[No Meeting]

27 September

Roy Norton

50 Years in TV Production

25 October

Valerie Cole

Dorset waste partnership

22 November

Claire Fuller

On Being a Novelist

27 December

[No Meeting]