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Presentation by Solicitors
Natalie Mason and Christine Butterfield


Powers of Attorney

Inheritance Tax

Choice of Executors
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talk given on 27th February 2020
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Duration: 31 mins
Listen to the April 2018 Presentation by Philip Browne
The Unfortunate Captain Peirce and the Wreck of the Halsewell
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hear the 62 min talk
Listen to the September 2018 Presentation by Roy Norton
Fifty Years in Television Production
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hear the 56 min talk
Listen to the November 2018 Presentation
By Novelist Claire Fuller
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hear the 55 min talk
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hear the 47 min talk
Listen to the January 2019 Presentation by Jeremy Waters
The Flying Boats of Poole Harbour 1939-1948
Below is a selection of Audio Recordings of Past Presentations
The Presentations are edited sensitively to remove undue pauses or, as far as possible, references to the visuals being shown at the time of the Presentations. The resultant recordings form a short library of radio-type talks. All Speakers have willingly given permission for use of the recordings featured below for the interest of Purbeck U3A members. The Audio Recordings are © Copyright JH and may only be reproduced or copied for private listening.
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Listen to the February 2019 Presentation by Chris Conroy
Cyber Crime Awareness and its Prevention
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Listen to the May 2019 Presentation by Jenny Elmes
From Dambuster to Dam Builder
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Listen to the October 2019 Presentation by Ian Vaughan-Arbuckle & Lynn Francis
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
- A personal experience -



Subject of Presentation

23 January

Alan Jenkins

Terrorism - How to Prevent it?

27 February

Natalie Mason

Inheritance Tax, Wills and Power of Attorney

26 March

Richard Cottrell

John Snow – Pioneer in three fields of Medicine

23 April

Malcolm Welshman

My Life as a Vet

28 May

Heidi Moxam

Older Drivers’ Forum

25 June

Roy Norton

50 Years in TV Production - Take 2

23 July

[No Meeting]

27 August

[No Meeting]

24 September

Debbie Fullbrook

Assistance Dogs

22 October

[Awaiting details]

26 November

[Awaiting details]

24 December

[No Meeting]

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