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Angela Bell

Hardy’s Wessex Locations

April 2013 Meeting

Angela Bell trained as a journalist at City University and then at BBC Radio Kent after doing a degree in English and Drama at Kent University. She went on to teach Media and Communication in further and higher education for many years.
She has an enthusiastic interest in Thomas Hardy and was a member of the Management Council of the Thomas Hardy Society. For a number of years, she led Thomas Hardy day & weekend courses at the Kingcombe Centre in Dorset. Angela retired from teaching in 2009 and is now a full time granny and part time Dubber Editor.     
She is co-author of Advanced Level Media (published by Hodder & Stoughton Educational).
Hardy’s Wessex Locations
Real Wessex locations are the backdrop for most of Thomas Hardy’s novels, short stories and poetry. No author gives a more concrete sense of place and love of that place than Hardy.
In this talk, Angela discussed Hardy’s stays in, and visits to, the Purbeck area (and beyond) and   
their relevance in his writing and in his personal life. She showed many illustrations and gave relevant readings… even a reading (from beyond the grave) by Norrie Woodhall - until recently, the last surviving member of the Hardy Players. Angela took us on a ride along Nine Barrow Down on a donkey with Ethelberta and was ready to steal a kiss from a youthful Hardy behind the Clavell Tower!

Members sign in and the full house for Angela Bell’s well attended presentation

Text by JG

Treleven Haysom

Purbeck Stone in the New World

May 2013 Meeting

Quarryman and stonemason, Treleven Haysom’s roots in Purbeck stone go back to the 19th century.
Apart from a period in his apprenticeship in stonemasonry which took him to Chichester Cathedral and Oxford, Treleven has worked in local quarries since leaving school, both in digging and processing the stone. He holds a very deep knowledge in all matters concerning Purbeck stone, both nationally and across the world. His illustrations were from his recent trip to Newfoundland.

Any Questions?

June 2013 Meeting

Review by Jacqueline Sims

This session - the last of the year - followed the "Any Questions" formula, with questions discussed by a panel spanning a wide range of backgrounds and interests, comprising Ian Vaughn Arbuckle, Hazel Peperell, Ian Mackenzie, Angela Bell, and John Ponter. The session was chaired by Dave Morton from Swanage POPP.
The questions contributed by panel members covered such disparate topics as the merits and demerits of the influx of seasonal visitors to this part of Dorset; what might be expected to change if women formed the majority of those holding political and economic power; the thorny topic of press regulation - is more or less needed?  Also debated was the question of whether this country has lost its sense of purpose, and the relationship to changing values in today's world.  Finally, the scary topic of when we become too old to drive was mooted - who should decide??      
 All these topics were considered from various angles by panel members, and the audience contributed actively, providing a very satisfying session.  Majority opinion appeared to feel that this was a winning formula which might well prove useful in the future.
Only lack of time prevented discussion on other hot topics proposed by the Chair, such as bankers' pay, and organ donation regulations.   The last word rested with Julie Seidel, who thanked Juliet Greves on behalf of all members for her great contribution to Meeting Points over the last years, as she now retires and hands the torch on to Charles Miller.
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April 2013 - June 2013

Meeting photos: Anthony Smith